Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lyndsey Learns Something New!

I have finally, FINALLY, learned how to crop pictures on my camera! Yay! And I've only owned this camera for a year. Seriously, did you really expect me to read every single page of the owner's manual? Just tell me what button to push to take the picture please. So I went a little, tiny bit, crazy cropping all the pictures that I had not erased and here they are. Oh, and plus this gives me the opportunity to tell you of our beach trip last week.

Compared to last year's beach trip, this was a thousand percent better. Not once did hear, "There's sand on my hands!" or "The water's getting me!" or "The sunshine is touching my skin!" One small step for man, one giant leap for the Hermanson family, is all I've got to say.

Only once did I have to get the sand out of Ryder's eyes. Yes, I took the pictures before helping him. Hey, he wasn't crying!

Eden scored lots of big sister points by going out into the freezing water with the kids.

So, I have to say I am really looking forward to going back. (ahem, Rose, hint hint :))

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chloe's Preschool Graduation

Chloe graduated from Valley Community Chapel's preschool about 2 weeks ago. She's been attending there for a little over 2 years now and really has enjoyed every minute of it.

Chloe with her teachers, Ms. Aileene and Ms. Virgie.

Chloe receiving her Bible from the pastor.

Chloe is very excited about starting kindergarten next year. We've already been to the school twice to register and do a quasi-interview. She could barely sit still. Ryder will be attending the same preschool as Chloe and already feels like a veteran. He's done all the field trips, some twice, and knows all the teachers and they know him. I'm sure I won't know what to do with my alone time while they are in school...well that's a lie....probably Facebook!:)

Has it been a month already???

Okay, okay, I must admit that Facebook has taken over my life therefore I have not done much with this blog. My apologies. So last weekend, we went camping with Aaron's brother and his family in Idyllwild. I was kind a dreading it at first because I'm not a roughin' it kind of gal and we were going to be there for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS! But let me tell ya, it was great. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins, it was not bone cold at night, and the bathrooms were not bad at all! Plus, the campground was close enough to town that we could walk to the townsquare.

J.J. brought some excellent toys to play with and so both were thoroughly entertained.

And of course, Barbie tagged along.

Then Aaron took the kids on an adventurous hike.

....a mid-afternoon snack.

Some things that were not captured on film that I wish had been:

1. Anna crashing her bike into a manzanita tree. Not funny then of course.
2. Katie taking an awesome tumble then getting up (without crying) with pine needles sticking out of her hair.
3. Anna and Chloe complaining that the squirrels were "laughing at them." Tattle-telling knows no bounds.