Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August Already???

So, yeah, we haven't updated our blog for a few weeks. But I have an excellent reason! We recently had to wiped our computer clean because of an awesome malware program Aaron found and downloaded. He still can't give me a good reason why and he is certain that he didn't do it. Although, I am 1000% sure he did. Anyways, I have to download our camera program again and I just can't seem to find the time to do it. Takes away from my Facebook time. Maybe next week.

Well, we are getting ready for yet another camping trip to the eastern Sierra Nevadas. But this time we are bringing our newest acquisition, thanks to our good friends, a canoe. I am super excited about it. It will just add one more activity, other than hiking, to our camping adventures. Look for pictures next week. Possibly. Maybe. :)

School starts for Chloe in 2 1/2 weeks and I can't be more excited. The kids are so burned out on summer. Lately, I have had to referee one too many spats. And it doesn't help that it's ridiculously hot outside. We manage to go outside long enough to eat our popsicles then it's back inside before our skin melts off.

That's about it. See ya soon!


JenFen said...

Hey, nice to see you update your blog. Have fun with the canoe on your next camping trip. BTW - Rose forgot to give you back your books so I hijacked them. I really want to read the Kite Runner. Plus now we have an excuse to still meet up now and again even after school starts : )

aimee said...

I can never do anything if it takes up my facebook time!