Monday, August 24, 2009


We made it! Yay for kindergarten!

Today is the day that Chloe will start her school career. I will admit I was a little nervous for her. New school, new schedule, new teacher, new friends. But just like when we dropped her off at preschool 2 years ago, she didn't even look back to see if we were still there. When I went to pick her up you should have seen the gaggle of parents hanging off of the fence waiting to pick up their kindergarteners. I know they were ready to assault their kids with thousands of questions about their first day. Remember, it was only 4 hours long, half days here in the great state of California. I asked Chloe about her day and all I got was, "It was boring. We had to sit in boring desks." Yikes. After asking a few more questions the day did seem to get better. She ate her lunch in the lunchroom!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
Pretty in pink.
Posing with Ryder.
Outfit completed with Hello Kitty backpack.
What careless parents we are! Where the heck are her sunglasses!
After her first day with her friend and classmate, Gavin. Notice her new specs?


Stacy said...

Yeah Chloe!! Did she really get glasses?

Aaron and Lyndsey said...

Yep, she did. They are only for reading but she can wear them whenever. They are very cute on her.

Denise N Griff said...

I love the curly hair. I've only seen it straight! Congrats, Chloe! You're a big school girl now!

Susan said...

Has Chloe had any kindergarten adventures yet? Please write more.
Aunt Susan